This initiative is unique, with a novel approach to scaling and constant growth. With our partners populating the platform and managers paving the way. The cream of the crop rises to the top. Quality conscious professionals who can work productively without supervision and create their own destiny. Working fewer hours per day and earning more money overall. Actively living your passion while helping a worthy cause in the process. Join this special team of talented managers. Simply follow the easy application/trial process, further down this page. Everyone has the opportunity to prove their professional ability. We’ll guide you through the process below…

ZaGenie Team - Partner Managers

What will I be doing?

Your title will be Partner Manager. You will be adding listings to this directory, on behalf of our partners, and communicating with up to 10 partners in your portfolio. Each partner expects 30 listings per month to be added, hence you will need to add a total of 300 listings to the directory. The average listing takes about 30 minutes to complete, which means about 5 hours of work per day, in a calendar month. You can work at your own pace…


How difficult can it be?

A listing consists of writing one paragraph, uploading 7 images, adding location and contact details. There is no selling involved, as the listing URLs are supplied by the 10 partners and/or your team leader. Once the listings are uploaded, they need to be tweaked for accuracy and SEO ranking. This is all point and click easy, and we will show you how. There may be some interaction with your 10 partner clients, but not that much. You are left to your own devices, working independently. Every listing then goes through quality control. Successful listings are added to your totals. Diligence and accuracy are duly rewarded with several monetary bonuses. See details below…


Can I work from home?

Yes, you can work from the comfort of your home, or co-working space, anywhere in the world. No commute needed. We are planning office space in Cape Town, South Africa, Shoreham, United Kingdom and Venice, Italy. Eligible partner managers will be invited to relocate to these regional offices, as and when circumstances allow. Depending on how this initiative evolves, there may be interesting travel opportunities in the future. Stay tuned!


What work tools do I need?

A broadband Internet connection is essential. Working from a desktop, chromebook or laptop is best. This is NOT something you can do from a smartphone. At least one social account is needed to login. We suggest you set up a separate Gmail address for work use. While any web browser will work, we recommend using Chrome, as we use several extensions to make the workflow easier. We supply various task and project management tools at no cost.


Which languages are required?

A good command of English is essential, as the main paragraph in the listing must read well. While English is the primary language, we are also expanding the initiative into the French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish marketplaces. More languages to be added later, as we grow. Hence, any additional language skills, are welcome.


Do I need to send in my CV and Resume?

No. It does not matter what you currently do for a living, nor what you did before, A resume can be fabricated. We are more interested in your integrity and work ethic, going forward. By reading this page thoroughly and following the instructions to apply, will tell us a lot about you. Further to that, the quality of your listings will determine if you are suited to be a partner manager, or not. It’s all up to you, at the end of the day. Still reading? Proceed…


What are the minimum requirements for this?

  • Any race, colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation.
  • You must be at least EIGHTEEN years of age, today.
  • A good working knowledge of the English language.
  • Broadband Internet connectivity and online skills.
  • At least one social network account to login with.
  • A working Gmail account for exclusive use here.
  • Good work ethic and be able to meet deadlines.
  • Successful completion of the application process.


Is this a permanent employment and/or job offer?

No. There is no employer/employee relationship whatsoever. We believe in the gig economy and free labour market. Everyone should be at liberty to control their own time and effort. It’s a 2-way street and successful companies don’t carry dead wood. Our partner managers are lively trees in a thriving forest. Grow with us!


What will I get paid if actually appointed as a Partner Manager?

  • Your listing clock resets to zero at the start of every calendar month.
  • You are paid £10 for every directory listing submitted and APPROVED.
  • Note: Your Partner clients will all expect at least 30 listing per month.
  • That means a total of £3000 can be earned, for 300 directory listings.
  • If this target is met, then you receive a completion bonus of £500.
  • If ALL the listings pass the SEO checks, you can earn another £1500.

Hence, your total earnings in ONE calendar month can reach £5000

Note: This is not free money and there is work involved. At least 5 hours a day of concentrated and dedicated work. We are looking for serious people and prepared to pay substantial money, in return for quality results.


When will you pay me and how will the money get to me?

Payments are made around the 15th day of the month, for the listings approved in the previous calendar month. It takes a week or two to tally up all the listings. Once the calculations are done, we pay via one of the following:

We suggest you sign up (free) with all the above, and see which works best for you.


What do I have to consider when applying for this position?

  • It’s an application, not a guaranteed job and/or employment.
  • There is a trial period, and we’ll let you know if successful.
  • Only THEN will you be eligible to earn up to £5000 pm.
  • We will let you know as soon as you are appointed.
  • Either way, you can keep the listings you create.
  • Also, you get a free membership for SIX months.


What’s the fine print? Is there a catch to this opportunity?

No. It’s an invitation for ANYONE to try out as a partner manager. Simply create a free user account and let us know you want to apply for this position. We’ll add the Member option to your user account. At your leisure, go ahead and create 20 listings. Signal us when done and we’ll take a look. If we are impressed, we may offer you a position of Partner Manager, and work with you from there. If your listings don’t make the grade, we will tell you so. You are welcome to keep working at improving though, as we will extend your free membership for a further SIX months. Keep polishing up your listings and represent. Regardless, you can keep all the listings you create.


How do I apply to be considered for this freelance position?

  • First, read and understand this entire page. It’s part of the “test”.
  • If not already, create a free user account with a social network ID.
  • Submit a ticket with the subject: “Request for Partner Manager trial.
  • We will add the Member option to your user account and let you know.
  • You go ahead and create at least 20 listings at your pace and convenience.
  • Start with a personal listing for yourself. Click here for a good example.
  • Hint: The listing about yourself is arguably the most important one!
  • Impress us, and we’ll be in touch to take things further with you.


Why this non-standard application process for a freelance position?

Think about it…. company offers a job… hundreds, maybe thousands apply and send in their CV. Managers spend days, weeks sifting through candidates. Long lists lead to short lists. Then comes the interview, maybe. Back and forth with paperwork, job offer and more paperwork. The successful candidate starts a trial period and training. Assuming both parties click, they all live happily ever after. Just like in a fairy tale. But real life is not a fairy tale.

We take a different approach. Life is short. We give EVERYONE the opportunity to PROVE themselves. We do not care where you are from, nor what you have done before. Just give it a go and see if you make the grade. No hard feelings if you don’t. Either way, you’ll probably gain something out of the experience. If you are reading this line, it means you have taken the time to absorb this page. Therefore, it’s very likely you are our kind of team player.


How do I know if and when my application is successful?

You will know soon enough. We start by taking note of your first introductory listing. Tell us who you are and why you want to be part of this initiative. Then get on with it and submit at least 20 listings. The quality thereof will not go unnoticed, and we will be in touch. We’ll guide you further from there. Don’t worry. you won’t be left in limbo.


What happens if I don’t make the grade initially?

You will be the first to know, as your listings will be rejected, if not up to standard. Keep trying though, until such time as you have successfully submitted at least 20 listings. We will extend your complimentary membership for another SIX months. Determination will see you through. If not, we may simply drift apart amicably. C’est la vie!


What other options do I have here?

Not making the grade as Partner Manager, is not the end of the world. You may be more suited to proactively promoting existing listings. In fact, there is good money to be made, by spreading the word about this initiative. No need to actually create listings, but rather just share the listings of others. Read this post to find out more.


One way or another…

There are essentially THREE ways ANYONE can earn from this unique initiative:

  • Partner Managers who like a steady income, and can work hard towards tight deadlines. (See above.)
  • Affiliates who want to easily earn residual income, without constraints and/or supervision. (Click here.)
  • Partners who would like a second revenue stream integrated into their existing business. (Click here.)


We look forward to working with you!

Herby Olschewski
Herby Olschewski

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